Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tom - The New Born Pigeon

The Tom story had come into my life just before five months after I had relocated to a new location as a part of my line of business. At the beginning, I was the only person who had got shifted and later my companion. I was waiting for my companion to get a suitable job in our new place and in the mean time I was staying at the guest house provided by my employer.
It was a Saturday morning; I had stepped down from the guest house in search of a new house which I can take up for rent. It was a good thing that I had started that day after having a good quality breakfast because it cost me that whole day to find a good house for payment. Around three pm in the evening, I had found a house with the help of a person who deals with real estate business. It was an apartment with five floors in it. The house which I had got was in the second floor of the building. The house was partitioned in such a way that it has two bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen and two rest rooms. The house was neat and clean and even the environment around that. I liked the way the house looked like and I have decided to go-ahead and take that house. I have made a call to the owner using the cell phone number provided by the security of the apartment.
Yes Friends, what you are thinking is correct. I called up to the owner to have a discussion over the rent (honestly to negotiate). The owner is a doctor and so he had asked me to accommodate myself to have a direct interaction in the evening that day before he gets into his evening clinic. I met the owner and negotiated the rent and paid the advance payment as well the same day. From here starts the tom’s fairy-tale. The next day, I had visited the house again to have a good look at all the rooms in there. For my surprise, I had found that the ventilation glass was a partially broken where I could find a grown up pigeon sitting quietly.
When I gazed at it a bit deeper, I could realize that the pigeon had created a nest and laid two eggs. I was in a dilemma whether I need to scare the pigeon so that it moves away or I need to give the restroom for lease to the pigeon without any charge. I made a call to my companion and we both came to a conclusion that we are going to take up the second option. Both of us are happy to experience this situation. My companion has become more curious as days goes by because of the reason that she was in my hometown and not yet got shifted to our new location. I have placed the screen-shot below which shows the place where the pigeon’s nest was.

In few weeks, I have started to hear strange sounds from the rest room where the pigeon had laid her eggs. Hurray! I could view the beak of the new born baby pigeons. Grayish black in color since the color of their mom is black. The babies always sat and slept quiet except the time when their mom comes into the nest to feed them. The only thing which I was unable to catch it through my eyes is the time when their mom feeds them food through her mouth. I still tried many times to catch this momentous scene but failed since the mother pigeon gets scared of me and gets out of the nest instantaneously.
As the kids started growing, the rest room had got started smelling dirty and nasty since the baby pigeons have started to stool. I have got one bigger job from then that is nothing but cleaning the rest room daily with the bathroom cleaning solution. I would say that was a hard job.
During the second month, the baby pigeons have started walking. It was an amazing scene which I came across in my lifetime. Later, I have decided to relocate the nest from the ventilation area to the balcony of my house because one or the other baby pigeon have started falling down in to the bucket full of water kept in the rest room. One among the two kids had died after staying into the bucket the whole day. The saddest part is that it doesn’t know how to fly at that time.
The only one remained and started growing healthy in the new place that too in front of her mother. I felt happy about the new place where I have moved the nest because the balcony was more visible for the mom pigeon and lot of pigeons have started to come to the balcony of my house to accompany the kid all the time. After that week, I have started to feed the mom pigeons by placing the rice, wheat and nuts which in turn made the balcony more colorful by the arrival of more pigeons.
My wife has come to the new place and felt relieved and happy after seeing the kid which has almost got the shape and well grown. We have even christened the baby pigeon as “Tom”. Attached the screen-shot below where tom was highlighted in yellow. Hope you would also like to have a look at the video captured when the mom pigeon was eating where Tom was disturbing his or her mom asking her to feed him.

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