Sunday, February 13, 2011

Macho Matty : The Earliest Signal - Every Sunup

Matty, is the senior pet amongst all my other pets. At first, Matty was the pet of my uncle and aunt and later it became mine after my relatives had relocated to Germany. Matty is with our family for the past four years and it’s also one of the pet at my house which attracts the visitors.
The earliest signal for us every break of day I can say. The golden yellow colored feathers of Matty is one of its best features and the tone of Matty is almost equal to its size. My uncle created a big cage for Matty as soon as he entered into our family. Wow, I need to really appreciate my uncles forecasting. Every day morning either my mom or I use to release him from the cage.
You would not believe that if I say that Matty will follow each of my family members by making sounds  till the end of our street while we start to work. When it was little, Matty use to wear a small jingle bell around his neck portion but we had removed it in the later part as the neck ring of Matty had started growing huge day by day. As I said above, Matty is not only the alarm for our family but for the whole street.
During weekends, small children from our neighbors’ house use to come and play with Matty. They like him very much since he would never scare them. The other main reason behind their liking is that Matty use to stay very calm and composed especially when the kids are around which is not the case with other cocks in our street. At times, he (Matty) even use to wrestle with dogs and other cocks triggering all the dust particles in the ground to float in the air which will even create wheezing troubles for those who have got breathing problems.
The black and white back feathers or the tail adds more beauty to Matty. I would say Matty is very punctual while visiting back our house during the day after the morning release from the cage. Yes Friends, whatever the weather conditions might be we can expect Matty back home exactly at six pm in the sundown on a daily basis. The nick name of Matty is Macho Matty christened recently by my brother’s daughter aged five years.


  1. Matty is very special :)

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