Saturday, February 19, 2011

My New Workstation

Hey Friends, I have got moved to a new block or an office last week. I am happy about that and thought I can share the same with you all. We all know that there is a famous proverb that says “Changes are inevitable”.
Changes are required in most of the things in life especially when it comes to work because it helps us to tune ourselves and get a fresh feeling about our workplace. The environment in which you sit and work plays an important role in everyone’s success. The same environment can take you to the failure if that is not good, user friendly and healthy. When I speak about good and user friendly they are nothing but the surroundings and the people with whom we sit and interact besides.
Healthy: If you find that your work place is not clean and tidy there is a lot possibility for you and friends to end up with a lot of health related problems. If you are not well and concentrate towards your work due to health issues then there is no doubt that the productivity is going to be reduced and dull. But nowadays, it is a very good thing that the employer s around the world has started thinking about the environment before setting up or choosing a workplace. They knew the importance of giving a better work place to their employers.
Okay, let me start to describe about my new workstation from now. The workplace had been partitioned into several cubicles and each cubicle has been further partitioned into four work stations. A single cubicle can accommodate four professionals with good spacing and way in between them for the bystander. Each professional has been provided with an ergonomically designed seat or the chair which helps to avoid the backache problems. This step taken by the employer was very much appreciated since all the professionals sit and work almost 60 percentage of the day which in turn there is no physical activity. But even then I would advice that each and every professional even if they are working from home needs to have a small physical activity to tune up their muscles and bones as we cannot completely rely on the ergonomically designed chairs.
Apart from that we have been provided with a high end Cisco telephones which helps us a lot while interacting with our counter parts especially while discussing about a deliverable. We do have a facility to make conference calls and to attend a live meeting. The provision to connect the headphones and the hands free options are the other advancements by which we can avoid the pains which occurs in the hands and ears after listening to a lengthy conversation or a discussion.
The only remaining things which are left are the two storage cupboards attached to the workstation. The pedestal keys have been provided for both the storage boxes where we can place our valuables and confidential documents. The electrical junction box which can accommodate three plugs at a time meets our requirement while we try to charge our laptops and the cell phones.
I have also attached the screen-shots of my new workstation. Hope you all will like it.

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