Monday, September 13, 2010

A Pomaceous Fruit

An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away is one of the worlds known proverb.

The world is fast and so we are. We are all in search of money and that’s because it’s the main thing which is needed to survive. But, why is that we are unable to think about our health. We all forget one thing that only if we are healthy we can make money and safeguard our life and the life of our kith and kin’s.
There are people who try to make money by providing a fake and unhealthy products starting from food to electronics. The below example is one such thing which I would like to inform you all so that I will play a role in educating people around the world especially for those who are not aware of some of the things which they need to know due to their busy schedule.
Apple is one of the natural fruit which is wealthy in vitamin-C, beta carotene and more. It is one of the fruit which is recommended by most of the doctors around the world. But are we able to believe the quality of an apple nowadays? Absolutely not my dear friends. Apple is no more a natural product because there are people who make the natural product into an artificial one like below just to fill their pockets with money which in turn spoil the health of many around the world.

Please don't eat the skin of the apple because it's coated with wax. It is recommended to ensure before you eat many of the fruits.
WAX is being used for preservation purposes and cold storage.
You might be surprised especially apples from some of the countries are more than one year old, though it would look fresh. Because the inner hidden reason is that the apple is coated with wax in order to prevent the bacteria from entering into it. So it does not get dry.
Please Eat Apples only if you are sure that it is of good quality and fresh.